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Raise the Bar. REACH Higher!

The Kingdom Way

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Do you want to be so good that you can't be ignored?

Many Christian leaders in the marketplace feel alone, ignored, and/or overlooked because they lack the community, accountability, confidence, results, and profitability that give them the unfair advantage that causes them to stand out in the marketplace. Through strategy sessions, leadership & DISC training, and courses, we equip and empower marketplace leaders with strategies to maximize their potential, multiply their God-given influence for the Kingdom of God, and build thriving businesses that bring Him glory. We come alongside our clients in their journey of partnership with the Holy Spirit, to have maximum fruitfulness in what they're called to do.

At Kingdom REACH Leadership, LLC, we help our clients Raise the bar for Extraordinary service through Authentic leadership, Consistent engagement, and Higher performance...and to do so the Kingdom way! Our desire is to see our clients live out the Genesis mandate to be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, and rule in life through Christ - in their personal lives, careers, and businesses. 

Image by John Cameron

There are three words that I will use to describe the impact that the Divine Design course had on me personally and as a pastor. Those words are revived, refreshed, and strengthened. Over time while serving in ministry, it's possible to become methodical as in just going with the flow of how things are done. Going thru the Divine Design course enabled me to see that there were areas of my heart and vision for ministry that once were vibrant and fruitful but had become dormant. There were areas in ministry that were bordering on near dormancy, and there were areas that were weak - all of which needed to either be revived, refreshed, or strengthened. The course was thought-provoking, to say the least, and encouraging as well. It has not only impacted my life and ministry, but it is still "influencing" my life and ministry. In other words the Divine Design course is an equipping tool that is helping and will help me continue to serve and walk in obedience in that which I'm looking to produce, and that is... the fruit that remains!

Rev. Beverly Henley,

The Gathering Ministries

Grayson Valley, AL

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